Looking at my world differently

Hanged man upon my analogies

Pattern of life seems to have gotten the best of me

I rise from my elementary school tragedies

I define myself by what I want to be

I no longer hold onto what hasn’t worked for me

Sanity is only in the next breath a breath that is close to me. One that I take deep like the Bajau people walking along the sea

I am great. That’s what I strive to be

A better version of me. A Queen

Because I accept love it doesn’t make me weak. Let it be like jewels adorned to me

I have the courage to allow others to love me

For so long it’s seem as it would kryptonite me

Maybe this a Care bear narcissistic tendency

Love you to death but I gotta Love the fuck out of me

I don’t allow bullies to bully me. Love bombing I got enough love for me

I put down my love sword to love me. I am no longer your warrior, I’m too busy frolicking

In the meadows of love loving me. I soak it up sun photosynthesis plant Leaves.

Code switching to feel ok

My feelings will not get the best of me

I close them up so I can start the day

I set out time and promise them

I will unwind and rewind so we get a better glimpse

Of exactly what you feeling

Of exactly what you need to express

It’s evident

I will give myself space

I will not measure myself to the rat race

I will honor my grace, embrace where I’m at and what I can and cannot do today

But I switch the code so I can show up for those

I have a mission on this earth

Everything, pain and lessons I have learnt

I will bring it to you.

So my switching isn’t me coming off as a false entity

I am honest in my speech

I am honest in being me

The hurt builds be up so I can be

What I needed when I was three

Before shit got hard for Mommy and Me

I will rewrite my story

I help you rewrite yours

I am what I preach

I find the time to be honest to me

Here we are sitting on the brink of time

A traveler familiar with the divine

Awaken to messages that harvest vines.

Messages that harvest time.

I move, I unwind

I scale back to view the spine, I move back the hands of time

Scale back to see the coastal lines.

I am a mermaid swimming with the vines

Treasures dripping down my spine

Ask God to send me love so Im always aligned

So Im always close to the divine

Reveal messages to send my tribe

Protection so I know what’s not mine

Discernment and Wisdom is Mine

I prosper on all time.

My spirit is on multiple time lines.

I am one with the Divine

When is the last time you ate your own tail

Reflecting in the makings of you.

The parts of you that you may not be sure of how it form, but yet you digest it in.

A regurgitate it out.

We grow, we die, we get smaller to focus in more.

It’s a concentration, A concentrated version of you.

I take myself into pieces

The whole me I can only phantom

One bite at a time I reveal my true features.

Colors and textures that are familiar.

I have grown into me, and I sit back and taste.

Focused on the goal

Focused on what I make and am made of. Focused in on the moment. That is the only way to prepare for what’s next

I can only talk to you so much

You must experience this for yourself

You must go through the chains, timing belts of this reality peeling back the fabrics that once held it in an imagery. Upside down, mirrored perfectly

Dont stay blind

I give my belly enough room to digest me

I am open to look out at all of me, taken a step back see.

Horizons shine gently

Ive been searching for higher meaning

A higher purpose . I think Ive found it

I will not compete with me or you. For when I do, I feel that what I do its never enough

I let relaxation find me and I drift into the sun

I put down weapons to destroy me, the castles I have built. The foundation is strong like the bones that have been used to shape me.

Molded into greatness, every breath I take I hold for two seconds more. Slowly exhale so I can feel where I have healed. The work I have done under the sun

Im no longer competing with me, it would be like chasing the sun to the seas. I don’t compare myself to you, I’ve tried to stop that many lifetimes before .

The Glory

I am on my own path, my own journey. My hurdles are not yours, yet you can relate.

I wait to hear what is the next turn. I no longer force myself to draw out the map.

Because what will, will be that.

I surrender to higher purpose and higher learning. Higher curving demons and exploitation of my great.

Im here to learn and shape this reality into what you would call fantasy

The relationships we keep around us mirrors our environment.

We are in control of what we choose to keep and discard around us.

My environment works for or against me. Is it all a mindset? I have the mindset to create my environment.

We have the power to choose because we choose how we show up for ourselves.

Getting in touch with emotions allow us to learn, to trace to the root of where it is in our body.

We eventually learn where the recipe of it begins. With patience and curiosity.

I have a desire to get better. I can heal the parts of where anxiety, anger, sadness has rooted.

I have the ability to uproot any unhealthy patterns, or feelings I wish not to feel.

I have control over my environment. I am aware of how I want this body inside to feel.

I cultivate wellness, beauty, health, and exploration in this body. I demand love to this spirit , and care.

I recognize how to give it to myself, even it that means I must cut out these false mask I wear to maintain my external or materialistic composure. What is for me, will find me.

I dive deeper into my true desires. I have reached a point where I am minimally doing what I “have to do”.

I thrive in my autonomy to cultivate my outside world to the inner parts of the flowers that I nurture and have taken years to bloom. I am a seasonal witch working with the elements I am given. I can create anything , any taste I desire.

Awakened – Kenzie

July 29, 2022

Running away from what. Or Running to

We all have time. There is divine time that we go by. But like the old people say “If I had known then what I know now”.

There is a way we can tap into that. There is a way we can awaken to the God consciousness, by believing that it is always there.

Yesterday my therapist told me, “God hasn’t forgotten about you”. I needed to hear that, I needed to feel that.

To know that I am always connected. To know that it, the wise words of future me, is within me, within ear reach. There are beings that I connect to, and those that are connected to me just because I breath.

I know I am saved. I know I am free. I look for things to make me feel alive. Recently that has been getting lost in new places.

I find what makes me free. I find my reason to breath. Though sometimes the tears may hurt, they are detoxifying me.

You can rest in between each sprint, each jog. You keep your pace. Always run to, your saving grace

Golden – colored or shining like gold. (of a singing voice) rich and smooth. (of a period) very happy and prosperous.

“Our relationships, people, are the greatest resource, not money”

We have the ability to make meaningful connections just with our authentic self.

No apologizing for being who you are. No apologizing for having an off day.

As long as you were not intentionally disrespectful, you are allowed to be a human.

I am allowed to be human. I am deserving of having meaningful connections that support, all of me. Connections that see me, because I have paused to see myself.

You are allowed to show up as your whole self. What is this restricting energy? I release all restricting energy.

These voices, intrusive thoughts do not have to “stick”, but let them be a teacher in our strength training of our mental capacity.

Study your self, so you are in connection with those around you. Authentically, unapologetically, and wholeheartedly.

Escalator – Resavoir

July 27, 2022

Why do we not do the things that spirit is calling us to do.

There is nothing to fear by going into the murky waters that is us.

Untangling the strings that stem from our trauma is freeing, as well as sitting in the murkiness until it makes sense. Acknowledge the things that I am not so proud of, the things that I have hidden from the world. We can bring to light all of our dark, by sitting with ourselves. There is power over knowing your weaknesses. There is strength to be gained in all downfalls.

Let our Computers/Phones be a source of enlightenment and not distraction

Let our Communities be full of those that recognize, see, and support us to trigger our evolution

Let our voice be unshakeable as we make peace with the inner dialogue.

Come dive into this sensual instrumental. It makes my creative juices flow with lyric. The deep bass we follow as we are guided along a magical moving path filled with chime bell melodies, grounding piano chords, rising synths, and a soothing drum kit that any neo soul lover will gravitate to! Enjoy this one.