Summer time is a comin’ !!!!


His style reminds me of a Male Azelia Banks
Dance. Shake. Move

Aches – Her

April 8, 2014

She is beauty all over rewritten to fit the curves of her hips and the lines in her lips.
She transforms the image of what love has meant and reshapes what it can be.
Her, she is it.
She is the Sun.
Coming over the mountain of a paradise that we created.
She is me.

Its a brighter day, open up your eyes and pray.

This semester has been very interesting. From balancing school and work, then fighting to keep the family strong with battling cancer. Not only that but I’ve broken up and reconnected with love. Steadily and forever building this love within.

Enjoy this,

I have no idea if they did that Tupac thing with , because how else could you get Lil Wayne on a track with the great Q-Tip

Her flows are as beautiful as she is. Her words are moving

blending the line of Soul and HipHop .

So inspired by this song. This is dedicated to that distant love.

Beautiful instrumental that I had to make my own. It inspired me so much

This is just so beautiful! Drift off with us….

She – Congi, Geode, B9

December 1, 2013

wowow!! this is HOT ! Future Hot