Its a brighter day, open up your eyes and pray.

This semester has been very interesting. From balancing school and work, then fighting to keep the family strong with battling cancer. Not only that but I’ve broken up and reconnected with love. Steadily and forever building this love within.

Enjoy this,


Im out to let the dead presidents represent me!!! ahaha

This is very nice NAS. I appreciate the flow.
and then thats when I heard the original. Blessings to the HipHop mastermind.

Her flows are as beautiful as she is. Her words are moving

blending the line of Soul and HipHop .

So inspired by this song. This is dedicated to that distant love.

Beautiful instrumental that I had to make my own. It inspired me so much

So the wait is over! Like for real, New Orleans we been in a drought, but no more! give it up and prepare your ears. New RENAISSANCE !

Max – Pouya Kevin

November 22, 2013

Real ass shit on this hologram! So much violence its like this. Our youth, Our Love, Our Future
This song will have ya in your feelings! 6 thumbs up

Waves – Languid

November 21, 2013

Lovng this jazzy instrumental! Makes me want to sing and flow to the ethers with my hands near her.

Thank you ROOTNOTE for this, gracing my page and shit!
btw: Man Im starting to see a lot more people get on this collective hype. Just remember what JOE KAY say, its all about the music! aha

Yo this mix!!! is like everything when I think of hiphop! so 90s! it wont stop.
lil Wayne lil Drake and these other wanna bes need to take note! seriously.
it just makes you want to flow like rocking the boat on some hazey ish. AND ITS FREE DL


Beautiful Uplifiting Spiritual Bliss from this Queen —> Chynna Doll