Summer time is a comin’ !!!!


Beautiful instrumental that I had to make my own. It inspired me so much

This is just so beautiful! Drift off with us….

dilla. – ShunGu

December 1, 2013

A short and sweet instrumental..still chill my fellow

Retro sunset love ! killing it. Bust out my platforms.

ok. at first I was like, okkkk,….but there is a surprise at the end!! late so late

Who fuckin with this!? not many people can make Justin Bieber sound good.

This a remix from my new pal Andy better known as Balanced Breakfast . Met him at a party and did he tear it down. Improving the crowds mood, cant too many people do that. RAW talent! Then I looked down at his playlist, we had a heart to heart on Soulection Radio love and it was beautiful *wipes tear* We even fantasized about going to LA to hear Joe Kay Dj…or at least I did. lol
Get on him. Balanced Breakfast

Ok So sorry I couldnt find a direct link…Mr.Carmack just didnt release it! but here it is, brought to you!love Brazil

Was having this talk earlier today.. the fine line between a gospel and love song.Not into religion, but I love the bridge of this song to be honest. Ups to Sango!
Homie got the golden touch

Get Down – DuqueNuquem

November 29, 2013

He say my love aint shit! gonna flow over this one!! yea