Summer time is a comin’ !!!!


Im out to let the dead presidents represent me!!! ahaha

This is very nice NAS. I appreciate the flow.
and then thats when I heard the original. Blessings to the HipHop mastermind.

I already know its hot. Too grown , throw back ! we can do it any time of day !

Vibe out my friend,

Me and You (Cassie) – Phazz

November 29, 2013

its me and you. But this not the version I remember!! ahah so grown and sexy.

Signs (Snopp Dogg) – Da-P

October 11, 2013

Been hidden, Im back!

All the way from my FUTURE hometown NETHERLANDS! This that Future Grown-folk music ! what ya’ll know bout this! I be feeling like this with my lover.

Yo this mix!!! is like everything when I think of hiphop! so 90s! it wont stop.
lil Wayne lil Drake and these other wanna bes need to take note! seriously.
it just makes you want to flow like rocking the boat on some hazey ish. AND ITS FREE DL

Poetic Judges – IMHD

September 12, 2013


Every Sec Every Minute, Man I swear she can get it!

– My life story with all these fine girls on campus! lord have mercy!

I think the Isley Brothers are smiling!
CLICK THIS FOR A CLEANER LISTEN( it wouldnt let me post to wordpress?)