Here is my baby Daddy Balanced Breakfast new one.
We dont make love, we make beats!!!
He’s on his grind.Look out 2014 —
Wake ya ears up You cant help but to move to this Jersey beat


I already know its hot. Too grown , throw back ! we can do it any time of day !

Me and You (Cassie) – Phazz

November 29, 2013

its me and you. But this not the version I remember!! ahah so grown and sexy.

Who fuckin with this!? not many people can make Justin Bieber sound good.

This a remix from my new pal Andy better known as Balanced Breakfast . Met him at a party and did he tear it down. Improving the crowds mood, cant too many people do that. RAW talent! Then I looked down at his playlist, we had a heart to heart on Soulection Radio love and it was beautiful *wipes tear* We even fantasized about going to LA to hear Joe Kay Dj…or at least I did. lol
Get on him. Balanced Breakfast

Get Down – DuqueNuquem

November 29, 2013

He say my love aint shit! gonna flow over this one!! yea

Waves – Languid

November 21, 2013

Lovng this jazzy instrumental! Makes me want to sing and flow to the ethers with my hands near her.

Thank you ROOTNOTE for this, gracing my page and shit!
btw: Man Im starting to see a lot more people get on this collective hype. Just remember what JOE KAY say, its all about the music! aha

Voodoo – LAKIM

November 5, 2013

A bit of some chill club music for the late night studier .

Matinal – SNK∆

October 31, 2013

Appreciating this very experimental instrumental

All the way from my FUTURE hometown NETHERLANDS! This that Future Grown-folk music ! what ya’ll know bout this! I be feeling like this with my lover.

Oh my goodness! you got to be feeling this! So much influence on my physiological response!got to put on the stank face!…panda-reprise