I already know its hot. Too grown , throw back ! we can do it any time of day !


Her flows are as beautiful as she is. Her words are moving

blending the line of Soul and HipHop .

Me and You (Cassie) – Phazz

November 29, 2013

its me and you. But this not the version I remember!! ahah so grown and sexy.

Who fuckin with this!? not many people can make Justin Bieber sound good.

This a remix from my new pal Andy better known as Balanced Breakfast . Met him at a party and did he tear it down. Improving the crowds mood, cant too many people do that. RAW talent! Then I looked down at his playlist, we had a heart to heart on Soulection Radio love and it was beautiful *wipes tear* We even fantasized about going to LA to hear Joe Kay Dj…or at least I did. lol
Get on him. Balanced Breakfast

All the way from my FUTURE hometown NETHERLANDS! This that Future Grown-folk music ! what ya’ll know bout this! I be feeling like this with my lover.


September 5, 2013

Really liking this! mood lifter! and booty shaker

I think the Isley Brothers are smiling!
CLICK THIS FOR A CLEANER LISTEN( it wouldnt let me post to wordpress?) http://snd.sc/1cxkK7y

Very nice Justice did to this song!