Im out to let the dead presidents represent me!!! ahaha

This is very nice NAS. I appreciate the flow.
and then thats when I heard the original. Blessings to the HipHop mastermind.


I have no idea if they did that Tupac thing with , because how else could you get Lil Wayne on a track with the great Q-Tip

..can we say DOPE! SOul Unreal remix is like listening to Jay-Z through rose-colored glasses!

SoulElectronica is what I like to call this. With some future beats! Promise me that you’ll listen!!!! The break down part is heaven, after a night out. 😉


Slowing down a classic, classic texans. Thank you David Thom for putting me on! that bass baby, turn it up



omg, the way he says automatic is so cute!! and people always be like, why you want to go to Amsterdam??!- HELLO, do you hear this! plus the food is better

Rest Up Aaliyah! I need you to be reincarnated ASAP! lol

This remix really makes you listen to her underlying message
Stroke my middle! This is too sexy!

Silhouette – ESTA.

January 1, 2013

ESTA. sampling Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe. So new and fresh

Alright girls and boys, here is your daily dose of ₮R∆M⁋.

My Boo(ESTA. Remix)

November 29, 2012

This is for all yall 90s lovesick children. He brought it make for yall with one of my favorites from Ghost Town Dj. It sort of sounds like he placed his midis in the relative major of the original minor key of this song, giving it a bit of a major feel. aha genius.

Alright, I know yall might think Im going on an ESTA frenzy , but really he’s putting out tracks left and right.