Her flows are as beautiful as she is. Her words are moving

blending the line of Soul and HipHop .


So the wait is over! Like for real, New Orleans we been in a drought, but no more! give it up and prepare your ears. New RENAISSANCE !


June 13, 2013


Lovely woman from my home town New Orleans. I have had the honor of seeing her progress, and man her work ethic surpasses anyone on wallstreet. Very inspiring as she brings different influences from her Latina culture all the way the from the streets of New Orleans . Representing conscious ears, visual artist and lgbt from all across the world. I say all across the world because fans have shown her love from New Orleans to Berlin. In her music you will hear her cries, triumphs, and victories that she has accomplished in her life in her 20 young years of living, but her soul is old.  S O L has a real gift of capturing her listeners and bringing them into her world of paint, sun and love. Nonetheless, this gift is natural as she makes it seem effortless whenever she is on stage either spitting spoken word, rapping, or singing. Her voice is that of an angel that translate that which I thought could never be put into words. Yet she puts it into music. Big L O V E to Pam. Very proud,Very inspiring and thank you from us all.

cant believe she’s giving this away! PLEASE DONATE!!! http://artistofculture.bandcamp.com/

New Orleans talent never looked so sexy!!

Local Artist De La SOL..

She’s beautiful and talented.

New Orleans Local Artist!

so much talent!